Custom Filters Starter

The Starter Version of Custom Filters

Version 2.4.2 Stable

Released on:
Tuesday, 11 October 2016 14:06

This version is introducing bug fixes. We stronlgy advice you to update your current version.

Release notes

Version 2.4.2 - Security Update (11-October-2016)

A potential security vulnerbility found in 2.4.1FIXED
Filtering did not work in multi-lingual sites when there was no translation in current language and sef was enabledFIXED
Some errors in the sef processFIXED


Version 2.4.1 (3-October-2016)

Remove backwards compatibility with Joomla! 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.6.
Now the extension works only with Joomla! 3.5 and Virtuemart 3.x
The results layout breaks with VM 3.0.18 and later, with templates released for older versions of VirtuemartFIXED
Searching with more than 1 word could return all the products of the shop, when the sku was enabled as searchfieldFIXED
Multi-Lingual shops: Categories and Manufacturers were not loaded in the filtering module, when there was no translation in the current languageFIXED
Multi-Lingual shops: Products were not returned as results when there was no translation in the current languageFIXED
Code refactoring and removal of deprecated functionsIMPR


Version 2.4.0 (11-July-2016)

The results view breaks with VM 3.0.17 and later due to changes in the Virtuemart view's variablesFIXED
Search for part of skus as well (PRO)IMPR
Search phrase should be at least 2 characters. Front-end and back-end validation added (PRO)ADDED
Order by drop-down fixes for VM3.0.17 and higherFIXED
A js error in the free edition of the module was causing problems to the the module's backend (FREE)FIXED


Version 2.3.2 (5-April-2016)

Dynamic price ranges did not work correctly when we change currencyFIXED
The module's tabs can be broken under circumstances in Joomla! 3.5FIXED
Fix of sevaral notice messagesFIXED
Update of the language filesIMPR
Addition of Slovak languageADDED


Version 2.3.1 (12-February-2016)

Cache categories even when they use counter - makes the categories loading at least 3x fasterIMPR
Load only subcategories when a parent category is selected/visited (setting)ADDED
Removal of some duplicate sql queries execution to make it even faster when it returns results.IMPR
Compression of scripts makes them half lighter in page loadingIMPR
Dynamic price ranges did not work (PRO)FIXED
Clear in search did not clear all the filters, if the component is configured that way (PRO)FIXED
Fixing of warning messages and code cleanupIMPR


Version 2.3.0 (15-December-2015)

A new layer for more advanced securityADDED
Sef urls in the pagination links alsoIMPR
Wrong urls in subcategories including also the parent category in some casesFIXED
Use of calendars with date format m-d-Y was generating an error (PRO)FIXED
Important refactoring of several classesIMPR


Version 2.2.12 (30-October-2015)

Shopper groups were not taken into account, when used in the latest versions of Virtuemart  (PRO)FIXED
Untraslated string COM_VIRTUEMART_ORDERING,PRODUCT_NAME in the ordering drop-downFIXED
More advanced securityIMPR
Did not sort the products by the "Ordering,Product Name" fieldFIXED
The counter in the categories was showing 0, when another filter was selected and the empty categories were set to be displayed as enabledFIXED
Range sliders styling was distorted in some cases (PRO)FIXED
Minor fixesFIXED


Version 2.2.11 (04-September-2015)

Empty custom filters generate some reduntant markup/html in the module  (PRO)FIXED
When no counter is used, the same category remains always selected because of cachingFIXED
Price range now takes into account only the tax rules (Vat. VatTax). That makes it more accurate in most cases (PRO)IMPR
Empty categories are displayed in drop-downs even when they are set to be hidden  (PRO)FIXED
Range inputs did not take decimal numbers (PRO)IMPR
Dynamic price range takes into account the type of the searchable products (parent/child) (PRO)FIXED
Code cleanup and minor improvementsIMPR

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