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Friday, 07 April 2017 03:00

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This version is introducing bug fixes. We stronlgy advice you to update your current version.



Version 2.5.3 (16-October-2017)

Issue with the display of sub-categories in more than 2 levels FIXED
Several Virtuemart configuration settings could be read in the results view, in the latest versions of Virtuemart FIXED
A php notice in the results, in the latest versions of Virtuemart FIXED


Version 2.5.2 (02-August-2017)

GTIN (EAN,ISBN)  and MPN are added as searchfields ADDED
If specific ordering/sorting options were selected, the sorting drop-down was becoming invisible FIXED
Module's title can potentially displayed again after an ajax call FIXED
Back button does not work in the browser after ajax requests FIXED
Parent category is not passed to the results, if only sub-categories are loaded. Hence any selection does not contain the parent category in the query FIXED
Counting in the categories was incorrect when there were shopper groups in products FIXED
Sort by override price does not work FIXED
PHP Locales's that use comma as decimal point (e.g. European), break the price filter query FIXED
Optimizer generates an error with MySQL higher to 5.7.4 FIXED
Problem with json evaluation after the ajax calls FIXED
Removal of obsolete code IMPR


Version 2.5.1 (30-March-2017)

Add fallback functionality to the view, so that layouts developed for older versions of Virtuemart (based on 3.2) can play smoothly IMPR


Version 2.5.0 (07-February-2017)

Ability to search and filter both parent and child products ADDED
The component's configuration view broke with Virtuemart versions later to 3.0.18 due to changes in the VM translation process FIXED
Order by 'short description' was generating an error FIXED
Child categories were not displayed at the top after selecting a parent category FIXED
Removal of obsolette plugins, regarding the extension's update. Now it is fully handled by Joomla! IMPR
Changes to the view to be in accordance with the changes in latest versions after VM 3.0.18 IMPR


Version 2.4.2 - Security Update (11-October-2016)

A potential security vulnerbility found in 2.4.1 FIXED
Filtering did not work in multi-lingual sites when there was no translation in current language and sef was enabled FIXED
Some errors in the sef process FIXED


Version 2.4.1 (3-October-2016)

Remove backwards compatibility with Joomla! 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.6.
Now the extension works only with Joomla! 3.5 and Virtuemart 3.x
The results layout breaks with VM 3.0.18 and later, with templates released for older versions of Virtuemart FIXED
Searching with more than 1 word could return all the products of the shop, when the sku was enabled as searchfield FIXED
Multi-Lingual shops: Categories and Manufacturers were not loaded in the filtering module, when there was no translation in the current language FIXED
Multi-Lingual shops: Products were not returned as results when there was no translation in the current language FIXED
Code refactoring and removal of deprecated functions IMPR


Version 2.4.0 (11-July-2016)

The results view breaks with VM 3.0.17 and later due to changes in the Virtuemart view's variables FIXED
Search for part of skus as well (PRO) IMPR
Search phrase should be at least 2 characters. Front-end and back-end validation added (PRO) ADDED
Order by drop-down fixes for VM3.0.17 and higher FIXED
A js error in the free edition of the module was causing problems to the the module's backend (FREE) FIXED


Version 2.3.2 (5-April-2016)

Dynamic price ranges did not work correctly when we change currency FIXED
The module's tabs can be broken under circumstances in Joomla! 3.5 FIXED
Fix of sevaral notice messages FIXED
Update of the language files IMPR
Addition of Slovak language ADDED


Version 2.3.1 (12-February-2016)

Cache categories even when they use counter - makes the categories loading at least 3x faster IMPR
Load only subcategories when a parent category is selected/visited (setting) ADDED
Removal of some duplicate sql queries execution to make it even faster when it returns results. IMPR
Compression of scripts makes them half lighter in page loading IMPR
Dynamic price ranges did not work (PRO) FIXED
Clear in search did not clear all the filters, if the component is configured that way (PRO) FIXED
Fixing of warning messages and code cleanup IMPR

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