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Stockable Custom Fields is a plugin used in Virtuemart for generating stockable variations by using custom fields.
This file can be used for installation/update



Version 1.7.1 (23-April-2024)

Joomla 5 compatible. ADDED
The stockables did not work outside the VM pages.
E.g. When loaded in a products module outside VM.
Non-selectable sub-custom fields were wrongly shown in the cart and the orders. FIXED
Explicitly load the dynupdate.js (the VM core script that updates the products). There were cases were it was not loaded. IMPR
Issues related with the drop-down lists update in the front-end. When a drop-down option was becoming disabled, it was automcatically but arbitrarily selecting one above, that was enabled (if existed). FIXED
Warnings and notices. FIXED


Version 1.7.0 (25-October-2023)

Sub-custom fields can now be either selectable or informational.
This way you can assign additional custom fields to your child products, just to add informational attributes.
The plugin may not work in the front-end if the jQuery library was loaded after the plugin's javascript. FIXED
Improve compatibility issues with our Custom Fields For All plugin. IMPR
Remove deprecated Joomla/PHP code. IMPR


Version 1.6.1 (07-February-2023)

Modal windows to select existing products did not open in Joomla 4 backend FIXED


Version 1.6.0 (26-August-2022)

Joomla 4 compatible, Virtuemart 4 compatible. IMPR
The set variants/sub-custom fields were not saved some times. FIXED
The uploaded media/image for the derived products, was not shown neither in the back-end nor the front-end. FIXED
The "New Variation" button was not working under the new "VM admin template". FIXED
The stockables were not working in the category pages (front-end). FIXED
Js error when jQuery is loaded after the stockable's javascript. FIXED
Significant code refactoring and cleanup. IMPR


Version 1.5.1 (15-July-2020)

Fix apostrophe/quote in product name, did not let select that product, in the "Existing Products" popup. FIXED
Javascript error when the custom field 1st assigned to the product. FIXED
Automatic creation of "disabler" custom field records, to the child products, when the parent product is orderable.
By doing that, you no longer see the custom fields of the parent product, to your child products, in the site's front-end.
Fixes to the display of the custom fields. FIXED
Possible javascript errors in category or in the CF results page. FIXED
Significant code refactoring and cleanup, with the removal of obsolete and deprecated code. IMPR



Version 1.5.0 (14-Sep-2017)

Variation selection works also in the category pages ADDED
Could not upload images to variations in Virtuemart 2.4.x and higher FIXED
Could not select existing products in the modal popup FIXED
Russian language added ADDED

Version 1.4.8 (24-May-2017)

After VM 3.2.2, the sub custom fields displayed more than once in the shopping cart FIXED
Increase the limit for uploading an image from 0.5MB to 50MB IMPR

Version 1.4.7 (13-March-2017)

Stock zero (0) was not passed to the generated child products FIXED
New Variation button did not work with Virtuemart 3.0.19 and higher FIXED
Slovak and Italian language added


Version 1.4.6 (06-April-2016)

In the backend the modal for selecting child products gives an error because of a change in Joomla! 3.5 FIXED
Required custom fields (CF4All) now work if they are assigned to the child products FIXED
The custom fields are now displayed also in the category pages IMPR
Slovak language added ADDED

Version 1.4.5 (18-November-2015)

Out Of Stock combinations can be displayed as disabled or be hidden, regrdless of the "out of stock" settings in Virtuemart ADDED
Some fixes when it used with Product Builder FIXED
Minor fixes FIXED

Version 1.4.4 (15-October-2015)

Auto-select a value/option in the last displayed custom field, if it is the only enabled ADDED
The custom fields and the add to cart buttons are sometimes wrongly displayed in the category page FIXED
Generate the tooltips for the Custom Fields For All after loading a new variation IMPR
The parent custom fields filter was not displayed in the popup for selecting sub-custom fields FIXED


Version 1.4.3 (25-August-2015)

In Drop-down lists, if a disabled option is selected from previous selection it auto-selects another one enabled/compatible IMPR
The plugin can now be loaded also by 3rd party components, like Product Builder IMPR


Version 1.4.2 (15-June-2015)

Problems to the script responsible for auto-selecting the correct custom fields after a product update FIXED


Version 1.4.1 (10-June-2015)

Ability to add a new variation to the product (backend), without having to select a custom field from the custom fields list ADDED
Was auto-selecting the 1st option in display types other than the "drop-down" list FIXED
Code cleanup IMPR
2 new languages added Czech and Greek ADDED

Version 1.4.0 (12-May-2015)

Introduces better compatibility with various templates and VM3.0.6.4 and higher IMPR
Ability to select existing products as variations ADDED
Ability to upload an image for each variation ADDED
Parent product's price was vanished after the creation of a variation FIXED
Improvements to the GUI of the backend IMPR


Version 1.3 (20-April-2015)

The ordering of the custom field values was not following the order set in the backend FIXED
In some cases could display irrelevant combinations FIXED


Version 1.2 (09-April-2015)

If the parent product was derived and child products were created later, there was a problem FIXED


Version 1.1 (01-April-2015)

Displays the selected sub-custom fields also in the cart/checkout, orders and invoices ADDED

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